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Castine Community Playground Improvement Project

Located beside Adams School, alongside the Town Common, the four season Castine Community Playground welcomes residents and visitors alike. Over this last year, a group of interested volunteers has been meeting regularly to develop a playground improvement plan, and now we are raising funds to complete the project. 


Where we stand!

$95,000 is the price tag for the playground we envision, and we plan to begin work early this summer. Right now we have received $82,000 in generous donations and pledges, leaving us $13,000 shy. Anything you can give would be appreciated! 


The Playground we want:

Working with playground experts at Ultiplay, local contractor Paul Fallow, and our community, we are creating a space that will support all sorts of play: physical, imaginative, reflective, cooperative, and independent. In addition to new play equipment, a newly paved basketball court, and a new hoop, we are undertaking design and construction of an outdoor amphitheater space. At the Castine Community Playground there will be something for every child.

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How to give:

For this vision to become a reality, we need your help!

Please join us by making a tax-deductible gift, with a check made out to Castine Community Partners, with Castine Community Playground in the memo line, and send it to P.O. Box 506, Castine, ME 04421.

We are grateful for your consideration of this request.

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